UCAS Signs Cooperation Agreements with University of Toronto and University of Alberta

  • Written by Xia Yu
  • Published: 2017-06-20
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A UCAS delegation, led by Vice-President Wu Yueliang, visited University of Toronto (U of T) and University of Alberta (UAlberta) from June 13 to June 17.

Wu Yueliang and Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President and Provost of U of T, signed a “Memorandum of Understanding of the University of Toronto (Canada) and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)” on behalf of their respective universities on June 16. Bai Chunli, President of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and Michael H. Wilson, Chancellor of U of T, witnessed the signing ceremony. Joseph Wong, Vice-Provost of U of T, presided over the ceremony.

Bai Chunli made a speech at the signing ceremony. He introduced the education system of CAS and the exchanges and cooperation between CAS and U of T. He believed the signing of cooperation agreement will promote exchanges and cooperation between UCAS and U of T.

In his speech, Michael H. Wilson said CAS has become the biggest and most important partner for U of T. He hoped to see more Chinese students studying at U of T, especially those from CAS.

According to the agreement signed, both universities will cooperate with each other in undergraduate and graduate exchange programs, scientific research and faculty exchange programs.

During the visit to U of T, the UCAS delegation held a recruitment information meeting for Chinese teachers and Chinese postdoctoral fellows working at U of T. There was a Q & A session after the meeting.

Wu Yueliang signed the “Agreement for Cooperation Regarding Chinese Scholarship Council Students” with Dr. Steven Dew, Provost and Vice-President of UAlberta, during his visit to UAlberta on June 14. According to the agreement, UAlberta will accept up to ten candidates from UCAS in pursuit of doctoral degrees at UAlberta under the UAlberta-UCAS CSC (Chinese Scholarship Council) Graduate Scholarship Program. UAlberta will cover the application fee, as well as all applicable tuition and fees for up to four years of study for CSC scholarship awardees. Meanwhile, UAlberta will provide students with consulting services and help them connect with supervisors before they go to UAlberta.

Prof. Wu Desheng, Vice-Dean of UCAS School of Economics and Management, and Mr Xie Yong, director of UCAS International Affairs Office, were on the UCAS delegation.

Founded in 1827, the U of T has evolved into Canada’s leading institution of learning, discovery and knowledge creation. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings of 2016 ranks the U of T 22nd globally and 1st in Canada, while the QS World University Rankings of 2017 placed the university 31st in the world and 1st in Canada. Globally, U of T is leading research in many fields. Major scientific contributions of U of T include the first practical electron microscope, the discovery of insulin, the discovery of stem cell, the identification of the cancer stem cell, the use of protective hypothermia in open heart surgery and the first artificial cardiac pacemaker.

Founded in 1908, UAlberta is one the five most renowned research universities in Canada. UAlberta has 17 faculties and more than 30, 000 students, among which are over 7000 graduate students. For many years, UAlberta has maintained friendly cooperative relationships with UCAS. Many UCAS faculty members and students have studied at UAlberta.