UCAS SDC students join the 3rd “BG Cup” Basketball Games for Foreigner

  • Written by Li Weijie,Edited by Wang Xin
  • Published: 2017-11-14
  • 1830

You may have watched various of basketball games, the men’s or the women’s. However, have you watched a mixed basketball game? The 3rd “BG Cup” Basketball Games for Foreigner began in the basketball gym, Wukesong Stadium, on November 4,2017. There are 12 students from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences who attended the game, including 4 female players, which made the male players surprised.

After a pre-race warm up, I went to Cris and asked:” Are you nervous? ” She smiled:” No, no matter what the outcome is, focus on participation.”

When I saw Katja showed up in the game who was numbered 9, my sight couldn’t leave her at all. The image of intense physical conflict raised. How could such a thin body sustain? She would be careful enough to avoid direct conflict. In contrast, she tried her best to face each offensive and defensive, bravely and without hesitation. She is one of these 4 girls. When they were interviewed by Beijing TV,quizzed whether they feared being injured during the competition, “Not at all”, all girls answered in the same voice,” Collisions in the area are unavoidable, but we believe in our abilities.”

Each competition has the winner and loser, but we enjoy and learn more during the progress. The confidence and support, the concern and respect which come from teammates, touch most of players. Comparing with the great performance in the game, what our players reacted leave a more profound impression on us. As a new-born team, when we competed with the experienced team from Beijing information science & technology University, we were unafraid and calm. Even if when our score was far behind, we didn’t give up and fighted until the last minute.

It’s unavoidable to have intensive collision, but we witnessed the hard work between both sides. Let’s give a hand for the falling and clap the hand for the field goal, for us or our competitors. There were no boundary between two team. I see, we already achieved our goal. We won the friendship with our courage and will. This is the The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, fearless and insistence. We were gloriously defeated.