Wish You a Merry Christmas

  • SDC
  • Published: 2017-12-18
  • 1873

In order to promote the friendship and cultural integration between the students of China and Denmark, the Christmas party of 2017 was held in SDC building on 15th Dec. All of students from seven programs in SDC have participated in this activity and enjoyed the atmosphere of Christmas with laughter and joy. This is the first time we celebrated our festival in our new SDC building.

All of members of Zhongdan Team began to plan building before 2 weeks ago in order to get all the things ready for the party. They have putted a big and significant Christmas tree. They arranged the tables and chairs. What’s more, the Christmas group members bought some lamps which looked like some candles. All the decorations made a wonderful atmosphere, especially when you look outside the building in the night. It was amazing and beautiful.

At the beginning of the party, we had some welcome drinks which consisted of wine and champagne as well as some cookies from Denmark. All students dressed well in the party and brought their own well-prepared Christmas gifts. We putted all the gifts in our building. When we talked with each other five students from Phd choir entered the room singing Santa Lucia, holding candle lamps in their hands. And then they stood at thespiral stair and sang a Chinese song named Dragon Boat Melody. Their performance has received warmly applause. At the end, we sang “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” together.

After hearing three melodious songs, we began our party. We were served with well-prepared authentic Danish food and Chinese cuisine, everyone enjoyed themselves during the dinner.

After dinner, it was time for an exciting Danish gift exchange game - the so called “pakkeleg”. Every guest had brought a gift to the party and every group had some gifts on their table. The rules are simple: in the first round, everyone takes turns rolling a dice and whenever someone hit 6, he or she can take a gift. When all the gifts have been taken,the second round begins. In the second round, there is a timer set for 3 minutes.If someone hits 6, he or she can take a gift from another player. When the timer rings, the game ends and the players can keep the gifts that they won. It was super exciting because few of Chinese students had ever played this game so everyone enjoyed this moment.

The last part of this party was all about dancing! Almost all of the guests joined in and moved their bodies all night until the music stopped playing.

Thanks to the Zhongdan Team for your hard-work. And thanks to all the international students for bringing your Christmas traditions and culture to SDC. Merry Christmas everyone!