Zhang Jie Meets with French Ambassador to China Jean-Maurice Ripert

  • Written by Li Wenxuan, Photo by Yang Tianpeng
  • Published: 2018-03-13
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On March 6, 2018, Zhang Jie, Vice President of CAS and Chair of the University Council, UCAS, met with newly-appointed French Ambassador to China Jean-Maurice Ripert at the Yuquanlu campus.

Zhang welcomed the guests and noted that CAS and French Universities and research institutions have developed a stable and comprehensive relationship in recent years. Both sides have expanded their cooperation in various fields, including Astronomy, Physics, Artificial Intelligence, disease control and prevention. In view of this collaborative foundation, CAS and UCAS are eager to continue their work with French partners and elevate the bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership to new stages. Zhang also briefed the French visitors on the university - institute’s fusion of leadership, faculty, and management, as well as UCAS's “two-phase” mode of education.

Jean-Maurice Ripert expressed appreciation to Zhang Jie for taking the time to meet him during the 13th National People’s Congress. Funded by the French government, some French universities and relevant research institutions have merged into big comprehensive universities, like Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University (PSL) and Université Paris-Saclay. Appreciating UCAS’s increasingly significant role in Chinese higher education, the French government expects that these comprehensive universities will cooperate with UCAS to make greater contributions to science and innovation.

Both sides exchanged views on summer schools and joint activities on “French Science Day” in 2018.

Prof. Yang Guoqiang, Vice President of UCAS, Prof. Hu Zhongbo, Executive Deputy Dean of International College, and Dr. Xie Yong, Director of International Affairs Office, were present. Prof. Pierre Lemonde, Councilor of Science and Technology, and Mr. Jean-Yves Coquelin, Vice Councilor of Culture and Education, French Embassy in Beijing, also attended.