Paint a UCAS Tunnel

  • Publicity Department of UCAS
  • Published: 2018-04-08
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Campus culture nurtures the spirit of freedom and tolerance. To boost and present students’ creativity, we hold a graffiti competition to paint a UCAS Tunnel.

UCAS Tunnel is the underpass connecting the western and eastern parts of Yanqi Lake campus. The overall bridge wall is 62.6 meters in length and 2.2 meters in height. The eastern concrete bridge pillar is 1 meter in width. We are calling for a graffiti design for decoration of the northern and southern wall and eastern pillar, in the hope to infuse vigorous and artistic style into students’ daily life and present international exchanges on campus.


A paint of 4.8 meters in width and 2.2 meters in height can be regarded as a piece of work. The paint of the pillar (1 meter in width and 2.2 in height) is an independent work. Participants can give one piece of paint or several pieces under the same theme.

The style and theme are not limited while vulgar culture will not be accepted. We hope the paint can show the features of our university and subjects and present the international and exclusive culture.

Please hand in the scaled down picture of the graffiti design. It can be one piece of paint or several pieces under the same theme. We prefer an e-version of the design (in the form of JPG, PNG, etc. and the color form RGB with exact number). Or a photo of the hand-painted picture is also welcome (over 200dpi and clear colors).

The participants can be an individual student or a team. Especially welcome foreign students and teachers join in the design. The number of work a participant hands in is not limited, while the work under one theme is regarded as one piece of design.

The design handed in is the sample of graffiti. Once selected, it cannot be changed randomly. To change large parts of the paint, the selected participants need to be approved by sponsor, or else they will be disqualified.

The design includes the name of work, creation idea, meaning behind the work, designer information and notes whether to paint by designers themselves. The winner owns the priority to paint on the tunnel’s walls. The sponsor will provide the painting tools and materials.

All the work should be original with full IP rights and plagiarism is not tolerant, or else participants will be disqualified. Once work handed in, it will be regarded authors agree the school use their work to paint the tunnel or in the non-profit publication. The winner will be rewarded with remuneration.

2.Time schedule:

Handing-in deadline: before May 20th, 2018

Evaluation time: the end of May, 2018

Painting time: before June 15th, 2018

UCAS Campus Culture Promotion Committee will be the evaluation team and release the list of selected participants.


we will not set a range of prizes. According to the theme and scale of the design, we will reward authors with remuneration from ¥500-2000 (pre-tax) per piece of work and award certificates.


(1) The naming requirements: content number +name (or team name) + contact phone number.
(2) If extra-information is needed, please write in the email or submit a Word file.
(3) A contestant can submit multiple types of work.
(4) All work must be original.
(5) No overdue submissions will be accepted.
(6) Please submit to the email: