Su Gang Meets with Academicians of Romanian Academy of Sciences and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

  • Tian Yanqiong
  • Published: 2018-09-26
  • 419

On the Afternoon of September 18, UCAS Vice President Prof. Su Gang met with Prof. Florin G. Filip, an academician as well as former Vice President of Romanian Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Svetozar Margenov, an academician of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, at Yuquanlu campus. Also in attendance was Prof. Shi Yong, Director of CAS Research Center on Fictitious Economy & Data Science.


Su Gang extended his warm welcome to the two academicians on their visits and introduced UCAS’s student-centered education tradition, as well as its system of fusing research and teaching, the scientific research platform of collaborative innovation, and the mission of the university to serve the country. He also emphasized the construction plan of Huairou Science Town and the tasks to be assumed by UCAS.

By reviewing his visits to UCAS in 1990s and 2007, Florin G. Filip gave a brief illustration of the long-existing cooperation between the Romanian Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences, expressing his hope to continue to strengthen the exchange between the two Academies in graduate student education.

Svetozar Margenov gave a brief overview of the talent training system of the Bulgaria Academy of Sciences, while speaking of the bilateral cooperative agreement just renewed in June in Beijing by his Academy and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he expressed his wish that the level of scientific research and educational exchange of both sides increases.

Afterwards, both sides compared notes on topics of interest, such as international student programs and other types of student exchange programs.



Further reading:

The Romanian Academy of Sciences was established in 1866, and is the most important research institution of science, art and literature in Romania. Composed of 14 academic departments, 3 branches, 65 institutes and a number of research centers as well as foundations, the Academy takes basic research as its major undertaking, with the Romanian language, history, geography, economic development, mathematics, environmental science and life science as its key research fields. The Romanian Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences renewed their collaborative agreement in science and technology in July, 1994.

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was founded in 1869, and is an autonomous scientific institution of academicians, journalists, and foreign academicians. The Academy has its own press to publish encyclopedias, dictionaries and journals. The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences renewed their bilateral collaborative agreement in June, 2018 in Beijing.

A brief introduction to Prof. Florin G. Filip: Academician and Former Vice President of the Romanian Academy of Sciences, and Director of the Romanian National Institute of Information Science and Technology Development. His research focuses on large-scale systems and computer aided decision-making. He has published 7 monographs and more than 200 academic papers in various internationally renowned journals. In addition to assuming several important academic titles, Prof. Filip is the editor-in-chief of 2 SCI journals, Studies in Informatics and Control and International Journal of Computers, Communications, and Control.

A brief introduction to Prof. Svetozar Margenov: Associate Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), Director of the Institute of Information and Communication Technology, BAS, Member of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), and recipient of the BAS Medal of Honor. He has made significant contributions to research fields such as scientific computing, finite elements methods, and computational linear algebra.