Exhibition “Danish Day” Held in SDC, UCAS

  • XU Jinbiao & QIAO Shiping
  • Published: 2018-10-18
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October 14, 2018, Danish Day exhibition was held by Sino-Danish Center in its office building located in UCAS’ Yanqihu campus. The exhibition was not only a display of Danish culture and the achievements made by SDC but also a significant activity to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the university.

“The exhibition features the cooperative education mode of SDC and the Danish lifestyle”, said HongJIANG, one of the exhibitors. A large number of students, entrepreneurs and teachers showed their interests in the display panels, as well as art and cultural works presented on the occasion.

On the first floor, display panels detailed the collaborative education mode of the program and introduced how UCAS and Danish authorities had established the center with concerted efforts. Denmark delivers high quality and serious academic tradition together with free thinking in its higher education, while China cleaves to the schooling attitude of pursuing excellency and going above the norm. Both distinctiveness combined represent one episode of the collaborative schooling. The display panels fully demonstrated remarkable achievements and experience of China-Demark cooperation.

The exhibition of Danish Day also covered a display of Danish items expressing their cultural characteristics including its deserts, toys, household supplies and books, which all highlight one theme — hygge, a Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. The deserts exhibited with Danish flavor were made by a homegrown baker form Gertz, a famous Denmark-based bakery. In addition, delicate wooden toys reflected their pursuit for pure nature and unique design. Among all the hand-made toys, Danish tiny mermaid statue is the most popular. Household articles such as handmade cushions, tapestry, wine sets, etc. are also inseparable from Danish life philosophy — hygge. At the right side, books, wine sets and tapestry were put together where visitors stopped to flip through The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well, which unveiled the secret of the happy life of the Danish people. “Demark ranks as the No.1 for residents’ sense of well-being. The book depicts the life attitude of the Danish people and underlines the values of hygge. Every time I read it, it gives a new explanation of happiness.” A visitor there said.

This exhibition offered a gilt-edged opportunity for visitors to deepen their knowledge of SDC, strong atmosphere of scientific research and academic studies in UCAS, and appreciate the culture of Denmark. It also helped UCAS students and teachers know more about Denmark.


Written by XU Jinbiao & QIAO Shiping

Photo by ZENG Yating, QIAO Shiping, XU Jinbiao