Dr. Lorraine Clark, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Visits Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica

  • XIONG Weisheng
  • Published: 2018-11-03
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On October 25, 2018, Dr. Lorraine Clark, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (JMC) published by American Chemical Society (ACS) , visitedShanghai Institute of Materia Medica (SIMM), Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Clarkreceived a warm reception from YE Yang, deputy director of the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, ZHANG Ao, assistant to the director, and research team leaders and researchers of biochemistry.


Vice director YE Yang is giving an introduction of the Institute of Materia Medica

YE Yang briefed Dr. Clark on the history of SIMM, its research fields, the construction of a research and development platform for new drugs, as well as major research progress and international cooperation. Dr. Clark gave a brief introduction of the ACS, ACS publications of biochemistry, and its online resources, among which she highlighted the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters,ACS Infectious Disease and ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science and introduced the four journalsestablishment, editors, preferable submission types and the most-read papers. After that, she conducted in-depth exchanges with the researchers on journal publication.

Dr. Lorraine Clark is presenting a report

Dr. Clarkvisits the Pavilion

Dr. Clark visits the Chinese National Compound Library


By XIONG Weisheng