“YOUR SAFETY IS OUR CONCERN.” -‘Security Orientation’ Lecture at UCAS by International College for the International Students

  • TAN Yudong
  • Published: 2018-11-14
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“For those who stay abroad to pursue a quality education for a better future, remember that your mother who gave birth to you and your family await your successful return back to the home.”


Venue: Lecture Hall, International Conference Centre, UCAS

Date: 2018-11-13

Time: 18:00-19:00 (Tuesday)

Organizers: International College, Beijing Public Security Bureau, Huairou Branch, P.R. China

Nov 13th in the evening, International College, in conjunction with Beijing Public Security Bureau (Huairou) organized a “Security” orientation lecture at the lecture hall, International Conference Centre at UCAS Yanqihu Campus. The seminar was hosted by Dr. Chen Feng, who is the director of the ‘International College Office’ at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Chen delivered a welcome speech and introduced the central theme and objectives of organizing the lecture session for current international students. The host invited Mr. Kou Xuochao, the deputy detachment of Beijing Public Security Bureau, Huairou Branch to address over 300 international students in the lecture. Dr. Chen also requested international students to strictly follow the rules and regulations of the university as well as the Chinese Government in order to have a safer stay at the campus.

International students during the lecture

Dr. Chen Feng during welcome speech inaugurating the session

The crowd welcomed Mr. Kou Xuochao with a thundering applause. Mr. Kou started his speech in a very emotional way, and pleaded to the international students to stay away from wrongdoings and violation of laws, rules and regulations in China during their stay at the campus.

Officer Kou Xuochao addressing lecture on “Security Knowledge” to international students at UCAS

“Mother always worries about her son and daughter who travelled thousands of miles away from home in order to pursue their dreams, and search for a better future. She always wishes to see her children come back home safe and sound. “

                               -Officer Kou Xuochao

Officer Kou Xuochao formally started his lecture after the welcome speech by Dr. Chen Feng. He mentioned that the safety of all the international students at the campus is the prime concern of the entire bureau and the university. He requested everyone to protect themselves throughout their stay at the campus, as well as in China at all circumstances. Mr. Kou’s lecture was based on four major aspects of safety issues: (1) trouble safety, (2) safety issues as daily-life, (3) property safety, & (4) common violations of laws at the campus.

It is highly suggested to know the emergency contact numbers especially when you are living abroad. The emergency telephone number in China is 110, and it is strongly advised to call at this number whenever, and wherever in China you need. Secondly, finding the police located nearby is another a note-worthy choice. Additionally, contacting the university is also a good-to-go choice for the students at emergency situations.

Mr. Kou highlighted some cultural differences between China and other countries and pointed out some of the trends such as ‘prostitution’, ‘gambling’, ‘polygamy’ and ‘drug abuse’ totally unacceptable in China, which may be legal in many other nations. The second part of his lecture was focused on traveling and transportation-related issues. He suggested the students to stay safe from dangerous situations that might arise during travel in China. Mr. Kou further added to choose safe transportation modes such as public bus, licensed cars, licensed cab, and stay at licensed hotels which had gone through a severe background check and passed the security checks in order to guarantee the safe travels and outdoor trips. He pointed out an example of an incident which happened on early October of 2018, when an undergraduate Chinese female student was raped and then brutally killed to death by a car driver of an online car-hailing service. He also advised everyone to take precautionary actions such as sending the picture of driver’s license or car’s number plate while taking ride on cabs.

In regard to safety issues at daily life, Mr. Kou told the students not to over-use or over-charge the electrical appliances at the dormitory. The excessive current use may cause the short-circuiting and can lead to a massive and threatening fire at the residential areas which is strictly prohibited. “It is the same day, when in Haidian District, an electric bike caught fire due to over-charging in the public area causing one death, and one injured afterward”, he added. He stated the precautions against fire hazards, also suggested solutions at the time of emergencies.

Some of his points related to fire hazards and safety issues are as follows:

  • Do not install unnecessary wires without a special permission from the campus authority.
  • Do make use of excess electrical appliances, and plug out the appliances when not in use.
  • Do not smoke on bed.
  • Do not charge your electric bikes at the residential area without safety precautions.
  • In case of any fire accident, contact “Fire Department” at 119 for the immediate help.
  • In case of any fire accident, cover your mouth and nose by a wet towel, and escape from the affected site by the use of staircase rather than the elevators for a safer escape.

International Students attending the lecture on “Security Knowledge”


The third part of his discussion was based on ‘property safety’ which basically is related to prevention against frauds which may occur in various forms at numerous instances.  He added that these frauds are categorized in various ways for example: (1) telephone frauds, (2) internet frauds, (3) shopping frauds, and (4) online wealth management frauds which can cause a serious property loss and there is a dire need for carefulness where these frauds are supposed to involve as a third party. The frauds can choose various ways such as robbery, blackmailing, lying, online cheating, and assessing the bank account with a victim’s username and password obtained through a kind of deception.

The fourth and the last part of Mr. Kou’s talks was based on violation of university’s rules/regulations and laws of Chinese government. He expressed that the difference in ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and beliefs, the life activities of some international students might be different and unacceptable if those activities could not abide the laws of Chinese government. He boldly sounded, “do not bring habits of your country to China”.

According to officer Mr. Kou, these are the following cases which violate the rules and regulations of the police bureau, and is intolerable which may cause several penalties against the wrong-doers and violators such as imprisonment, fine, and deport to their own country.

  • bullying and blackmailing the weak people,
  • striking or hitting other,
  • verbal abuse,
  • damaging the property of the school,
  • gambling on campus,
  • spreading pornographic contents (for e.g. books or erotic pictures),
  • drug carriage or drug abuse,
  • sexual harassment,
  • polygamy, etc.

Mr. Kou highlighted said, “those who involve in the activities which violate the rules of the university and laws of China, are subjected to a heavy-punishment, unbearably high fines & compensations, detention, and deportation depending upon the severity of the violation”. At present, several cases of sexual harassment have been found out around universities in China. “Sexual harassment is a crime, and those who willingly or unwillingly act differently to women of the society upsetting the respect to women, will be considered as criminals, and are solely responsible for consequences. Such criminals are strictly punished by law, based on its own framework designed to maintain the ‘law and order’ of the nation”, officer Kou said. Moreover, he also warned those international students who are already married and try to violate the rules of China by involving in illegal polygamy which have been observed at many places around China. He ended up saying that the convicts/lawbreakers might have to face an imprisonment of minimum one year, dismiss from the university, and deport for forever from China.

“Security concerns may arise in many areas. I have tried my best to point four of them. However, the most important message I would like to convey today among you all is to follow the rules and regulations of the country you are living in. I hope you all have a happy stay at the university as well as in China and wish that you return back to your country safe and sound”, he further added. After a very useful and informative session by office Kou Xuochao, the session ended with a thunderous clapping from the international students. He thanked wholeheartedly for making and greeted them goodbye with a great smile on his face. 


Author: Pralhad Gupta (Student Journalist)

Photos by: Mukesh Rai