Wu Yueliang meets with Vice Minister of Ministry of Education of Brazil

  • XIA Yu
  • Published: 2018-11-30
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A delegation of higher education officials from Brazil, led by Mr. Henrique Sartori de Almeida Prado, Vice Minister of Ministry of Education of Brazil, visited UCAS recently. The delegation consisted of members from Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES) and over 10 Brazilian universities. Wu Yueliang, Vice-president of UCAS, met with the guests in the Zhongguancun campus.

Wu welcomed the Brazilian guests, giving them a brief overview of the scientific achievements of CAS as well as the unique way that the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) integrates education and research. Following these introductory remarks, Wu highlighted the progress of the Sino-Danish program and other international programs. Prof. Zhao Gongbo, Director of the Department of Astronomy at UCAS, introduced the School of Astronomy and Space Science at UCAS and the National Astronomical Observatories.


Mr. Henrique Sartori de Almeida Prado appreciated the reception at UCAS and introduced the members of his delegation. He expressed interest in a greater understanding of how UCAS integrates education and research and also hoped that his visit would identify opportunities to cooperate with UCAS.

Delegates from both UCAS and Brazil discussed student exchange, the integration of science and research, as well as scientific cooperation. The meeting was convivial and both sides expressed the sincere wish for further cooperation.    

To date, UCAS has no Brazilian partners. However, the Space Center of CAS has established the China-Brazil Joint Laboratory for Space Weather in Brazil and the South China Botanic Garden of CAS has carried out several scientific cooperative programs with Brazilian institutions. In addition, two Brazilian students are studying at UCAS.


Written by XIA Yu

Photo by XIA Yu