Sports & Education, A big Deal to UCAS!

  • 谭昱东
  • Published: 2018-12-18
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Have you ever wondered why so many Chinese institutions prioritize and promote sports apart from quality education? Did you find yourself overwhelmed by the inclination of young Chinese students towards physical education, exercises, and sports? It would not be surprising if it pushes you to take a deep dive to China panorama, to know China and Chinese better.    

On 14th December, the instructors from International College of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mrs. Wang and Ms. Zhang, organized a ‘fun sports match’ in which around 40 international students from nook and corners of the globe participated.

The entire activity consisted of five sub-categories: Football-on- Backs, Hold-a-Pong, Bowling, Chop-a-Pong, and Legged Race. Each of the activity was aimed to assess the sense of teamwork, and mutual understanding and cooperation among each participant.

As we all know, moving together with a common goal and shared the vision, is what a good leader demonstrates.

It was really promising to observe a group of fellows pulling themselves forward together in a team, all of them tied in a series pattern during ‘Legged Race’. In this game, each participant hustle and bustle to reach the destination point at the same point of time. No wonder, this activity has a lot more to do, and learning through playing and fun is one of them.

(International students while participating in ‘Legged Race’ game)

For many of the international students, those who enter China for the very first time. Using chopsticks during meals might pop up a mixed kind of feelings among them. On the on the hand, it provides a solid platform for them to try new things from a very different culture, and on the other hand, it may give birth to an unwanted cultural shock. Well, it was not the case at our campus. The atmosphere was awesome to have a glance of international students keenly and passionate participating in “Chop-a-Pong” game which wanted them to pick up the table tennis ball using chop-sticks.

(International student while playing Chop-a-Pong game)

This kind of team building activity plays an important role to bring a “unity” in “diversity” by bridging the gap among us, and also inspires us to create ‘a better world for all to live in’. Obviously, everyone enjoyed a lot throughout the whole activity.

Let us have a look at some of the comments from participants.

“I really had a lot of fun today. It took me back to my childhood and rewind my old times. I feel that all of us are more familiar with one another than before. Everyone was participating together for achieving a common goal through team sports”, Mya (Myanmar) told. She also added that such activities could help her release mental stresses and create a harmonious environment to enjoy together. Mya said, “Special thanks for our teachers who organized such a wonderful sports activity for us!”.

Another student Taimoor (Pakistan) said, “It was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience as apart from conventional classes, we got this chance to be involved in some very interesting indoor activities. These activities aren't just good for health rather they help us in using some daily life Chinese words, which is indeed a fun way to learn Chinese.”


(Some additional glimpses from the activity hall)

Written by:Wang Lei

Editor:Pralhad Gupta

Photo:Wang Lei