Dean of SDC visits Roskilde and CBS

  • YAO Ge & HUANG Jingxiang
  • Published: 2019-05-30
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From May 27th to 30th, 2019, Professor Zhao Hong, Dean of Sino-Danish College, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited the University of Roskilde and Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.
May 27th, Dean Zhao Hong, together with three Danish supervisors, including Kristian J. Sund, Shahamak Rezaei and Johannes K. Dreyer, went to Roskilde University for an academic visit at Department of Social Science and Business at Roskilde University. Prof. Johannes introduced the curriculum settings of undergraduate and master programs. He also pointed out that the college would have some elective courses for students to choose freely, in order to help students to better develop their academic interests.

Danish tutors accompanied Prof. Zhao Hong and Prof. Yu Jiang to visit Roskilde University

Prof. Johannes explains the course arrangement of Roskilde University for Dean Zhao

Later, Dean Zhao and Professor Yu Jiang attended the Sino-Danish PhD student seminar at Roskilde University. Birte Hansen, a doctoral student from 2016 cohort of SDC, did a report on her latest research progress and showed academic achievements to Professor Zhao Hong. Birte shared her experience in SDC. She expected that more Danish students could study in SDC, experiencing cross-cultural study environment.

Birte Hansen, a Ph.D student at SDC, published her research experiences at SDC on the Roskilde University Magazine

Annesofie Lindskov is about to start her journey to SDC,UCAS to pursue her PhD degree. She did a presentation about her research plan in SDC. Both Chinese and Danish professors gave detailed guidance on her research proposal. At the end of the seminar, Dean Zhao expressed her gratitude to the invitation of Roskilde University. She said that she was also very pleased to see that Danish PhD students could come to SDC to study. This is not only due to the long-term hard work of the students, but also the result of constant cooperation between Chinese and Danish universities. Dean Zhao hopes to maintain a long-term, friendly and cooperative relationship with Roskilde University and cultivate more international talents.

Annesofie Lindskov, a 2019 PhD student at SDC, listened to the mentoring at the doctoral seminar at Roskilde University

On 28th, Dean Zhao and Professor Yu Jiang continued to participate in the academic seminar held at Roskilde University. Professors on the meeting shared their latest research progress.

Opening of the Roskilde University Symposium

Zhao Hong said that she was very happy to visit Roskilde University. In addition to shouldering the responsibility of cultivating talents, SDC also has the mission of promoting cultural integration and spreading ideas and innovations between two countries. She hopes that both sides can strengthen cooperation and exchanges, and truly realize the goal of ‘science and education integration’.

Group photo after Roskilde University academic seminar

On May 28th, Zhao Hong held formal talks together with Stine Haakonsson-Principal Coordinator (PC) of Social Science Project of SDC from Copenhagen Business School, Lars Bo Kaspersen-Head of Social Science PhD Project, Duncan Wigan-HEP of PM Programme, Madeleine Rye-PM Secretary and three Danish mentor: Kristian J. Sund, Shahamak Rezaei, Johannes K. Dreyer. Zhao Hong first introduced the PhD enrollment policy of Social Sciences this year. She hoped that 2019 PhD cohort will be integrated into the academic atmosphere of SDC as soon as possible, and make great efforts in their own research area in order to become a first-class talent for the future.
Professor Lars Bo discussed with Zhao hong the workshop plan that is going to held in June in SDC: "I want PhD students understand the way to do research design and academic papers. This is of great importance for new Ph.D students." Stine said that as the person in charge of the social science project in Danish side, she is looking forward to work with SDC to create a quality platform for science and education integration. she hopes that SDC can cultivate more high level research talents.

Copenhagen Business School lunch break talk

On 29th, Dean Zhao and Professor Yu Jiang visited Copenhagen Business School. They had a talk with six professors from Copenhagen Business School, including AriKokko, Edward Ashbee, Jens Gammelgaard, Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard, Nis Høyrup Christensen and Li Xin, as well as Kasper Ingeman Beck, Ph.D. student of SDC.
Zhao Hong introduced current SDC situation to the participating professors, especially mentioning that SDC attaches great importance to cultural integration and collaborative innovation. She particularly emphasized that SDC was committed to cultivating high-end talents with interdisciplinary thinking and broad international vision and innovation. Thanks to the hard work of Danish professors, she hopes both China and Denmark will work together to build the SDC project in the future, and build it into a well-known brand of international education.

Group photo with Copenhagen Business School


Authors: YAO Ge & HUANG Jingxiang

Translated by HUANG Jingxiang

Photo by YAO Ge

Edited by GAO Yuan