Speech by Mads Vesterager Nielsen at UCAS 2019 Graduation Ceremony

  • 高塬
  • Published: 2019-07-10
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Dear fellow graduates and honored guests and speakers of today,

我们做到了, we made it. We have worked hard and it has payed off and we are all able to stand now as graduates from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and as a chapter of 2-3 years of our lives come to a close a new one is monumentally on the rise: Adult working life.

This is another challenge that we will in time overcome. For now we will spread out in society and bring with us the spirit of our university to the organizations we will be employed in.

My time at the Sino-Danish Centre for education and research has been one of the most formative learning experiences of my life. I have studied politics and administration and made friends from all over the world. I have worked in government and businesses, I have met extraordinary people in all the organizations I have been a part of which has been tremendously inspiring.

Today I have become the leader of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China and I strive through my work to make even better relations between Denmark and China and promote the spirit of SDC and UCAS through the work I do.

同学们!Be bold and be proud of what you have achieved.

Today I stand here as a graduate just like you all and I encourage you to dash ahead and make bold attempts and to contribute to an even better society and community for us all.

Do not be afraid to compete with the greats of your field to dash ahead and make great achievements

On just this subject Hemmingway wrote in 1935 from his days in key west:

Never compete with living writers. You don’t know whether they’re good or not. Compete with the dead ones you know are good. Then when you can pass them up you know you’re going good. You should have read all the good stuff so that you know what has been done, because if you have a story like one somebody else has written, yours isn’t any good unless you can write a better one. In any art you’re allowed to steal anything if you can make it better, but the tendency should always be upward instead of down. And don’t ever imitate anybody. All style is, is the awkwardness of a writer in stating a fact. If you have a way of your own, you are fortunate, but if you try to write like somebody else, you’ll have the awkwardness of the other writer as well as your own.

Be awkward, be honest and do the best you can!

Congratulations all of my fellow graduates.