International and Chinese students at UCAS celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival together

  • LI Chuanlei, Rehman Butt
  • Published: 2019-09-18
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The Mid-Autumn Festival is a harvest festival celebrated notably by the Chinese. Every year Chinese people celebrate the festival on 15th of the eighth lunar month, and full moon enhances the beauty of this festival. Students of UCAS Cross-Cultural Group (UCCG) organized a party at Yanqihu Campus of UCAS. Both Chinese and international students attended the party, sharing knowledges about China as well as Mid-Autumn culture through short videos and stories, playing games and eating moon cakes together. International students took a considerable interest to write Chinese characters by using Chinese calligraphy brush. Participation from both Chinese and international students made every activity more exciting. “I’m not active attending school activities but I really enjoy the atmosphere here, and it’s a good chance to improve my oral English,” a student from College of Life Sciences said. Chinese and international students also communicated in English or Chinese and shared their life experiences which kept the whole atmosphere electrifying.

Rehman and Sherly Hosting the Festival

Cheron Singing (Personal Talent show)

Abdusaid and Erzhena after writing Chinese Characters

Lee is introducing China's Realm

Participants of the Mid-Autumn Festival Party

UCCG Organizing Committee

Authors: LI Chuanlei, Rehman Butt

Photographers: LI Chuanlei, Rehman Butt, HUANG Yuxin

Editor: GAO Yuan