The First Themed Saloon on Me and Xi's Times

  • Article/Zheng Xiaomeng, Yue Xinyan, Chen Feng Photos/Wang Xin
  • Published: 2019-09-30
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  To deepen international students' understanding on Xi's thoughts on governance, China's developmental philosophy and their inspirations to the world, and to enhance exchanges among international students from different countries and with Chinese students on this regard, International College hosted a saloon themed "Community with a Shared Future of Mankind", which is the first of a series of thematic saloons named "Me and Xi's Times", at UCAS International Conference Center from 19:00-21:00 on September 29th 2019. Doctor Chen Fong, director of International College Office, hosted the saloon.

  The saloon has two sections: watching video and exchanges. Students first watched "China Time of Xi Episode 3: All Aboard" by Discovery Channel. Following this, students had a heated discussion on Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway, China Railway Express, and the Belt and Road Initiative featured in the documentary.

  The saloon prompts students to think strategically and globally by letting students step in the president's shoes. Speaking of Kenya's developmental issue and the country's changes under the Belt and Road Initiative, a student from Kenya expressed his aspiration on Kenya's future. A Pakistani student shared Pakistan's progress on trade, harbors, and energy exploitation with the help of the Belt and Road Initiative.

  Yue Fuwen, General Manager of Beijing Chongxue Cultural Development Co. Ltd, and Xie Yong, Chief of International Affair Office of UCAS, were invited to the saloon. "It's an honor to attend this innovative and meaningful saloon. Although we are from different countries, the aim and ideality we boast are the same. That is to learn something so as to benefit of our family, to contribute to our home country, and to build on this, foster world peace and development," said Mr. Yu. After the discussion section, Mr. Yu present Xi Jinping: The Governance of China to the two students who volunteered in this section as a gift for their excellent performance.

  "Community with a shared future with mankind", the first series of thematic salons on "Me and Xi's Times" concluded with success. By attending the saloon, students from different countries get access to a more comprehensive picture of Xi's thoughts on governance and China, and are enlightened on how to solve the developmental problems faced by their own countries.

Doctor Chen hosting the saloon

Students watching "All Aborad"

Heated discussion

Mr. Yu sending gifts to students who excel in this saloon

Group photo


Authors: ZHENG Xiaomeng, YUE Xinyan, CHEN Feng

Photo by WANG Xin

Edited by GAO Yuan