Dreamers on the track:

To all UCASers




------------------- “Exhibition from opening ceremony”-------------------


A chance say hi to astronauts



Psychologists in the future, don’t fortune-tell, don’t meet oneiromancy, don’t read your mind.



All friends from China, Cheers with us!



Our mission is to let everybody in the school see our faces!

------------------- “Competition scene” -------------------


The game is like our life,

There are wins and losses, and there are frustrations,

Some people cheered and some people fell.

Maybe we can't guarantee to win,

But when falling,

We can still climb up strongly.


Exercise is a pleasure,

No matter what age we are,

Enjoy running.



But today’s game,

Carrying everyone’s expectations -

@刘锋(WeChat message):

I wish all participants a good result,

Marathons are the real McCoy!



Today, I only want to

Run faster,


Jump farther,


more stable,


Fly higher.




Cheering is a hard work!



Everybody rises,

Applaud for me!

"Catch up so soon?




You are not alone,

Sisters keep you accompany!


Finish line, like the lost relatives for years



I know that all you need is a hug.

You finished the game,

You are our pride.




------------------- “Outside the track”-------------------


Playing drums,

The emphasis is on the word happy.


The strength may not be big enough,

But the momentum must not be lost.




a refueling manuscript written for the brother,

I have to read it myself.

For the athletes,

I can not be a lady for one day.



After all, I count today an "International event".



Results are not bad,

We could count as a country glory too~




There is nothing more important than taking a photo with brothers.

If there is,

It must be taking another one.




Author: GAO Yuan

Translation: YAN Jin

Photo: YANG Tianpeng, ZHANG Jingke, ZANG Wenxiao

Edited by GAO Yuan