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  • Published: 2020-03-10
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March 9, 2020

Dear UCAS International Students:

  Hope this letter finds you all in good health.

  2020 is destined to be a remarkable year since the outbreak of the Novel coronavirus pneumonia witnesses a nation much stronger in face of challenges. The Chinese government is fighting hard to contain the outbreak and imposes strict travel restrictions. In this tense time when UCASers stand united and do the utmost to stem the epidemic, we received sincere concern, warm encouragement from many of you all around the globe and even urgently needed supplies donated from half a world away.

  Thanks for your support and cooperation, significant progress has been made in China as can be seen from the declining figures. Most of the cities achieved zero growth in confirmed case. What cannot be underestimated is that new cases have been confirmed in countries other than China with each passing day. For China, the risk of epidemic reversal is growing higher. Whether you are in or out of China, your safety is the university’s greatest concern. We strongly suggest you temporarily stop personnel mobility so as to minimize the risk of infection and be in accordance with the requirements of local government authority.

  With overall consideration of the epidemic situation worldwide, we hereby inform you the following items regarding the arrangement of the Spring Semester, 2020.

1. The university NOT open yet.

  The start of the semester will depend on the status of the epidemic in the city where your host institute is located. Therefore, the start of the spring semester may differ among colleges and institutes. Students enrolled for courses at the International College in the spring semester, 2020 will be informed in due time by the College. For others, host institutes will issue announcements.

2. DO NOT return to the university before the official registration date (to be announced).

  Students who are currently out of China, are not allowed to return to China, to the UCAS Beijing campuses and to host institutes in Beijing before the exact registration date of the semester. For those whose host institutes are out of Beijing, do not return to the institutes without permission. Any international student who violates the regulation and entries China without university permission will be subject to disciplinary action.

3. Teaching Plan

  The academic courses are conducted in the form of online-teaching and the professors are giving lectures online at home or in their offices. Students have to join the Wechat groups to confirm the courses with the assistant teachers. The technology details and other information about the courses are released in the Wechat groups of different courses. Students can learn the courses on SEP system of UCAS as well as the Tencent Conference Software. For details, please contact your college.

4. Visa Policy

  According to the latest policies from National Immigration Administration, during the period of prevention and control of the Novel coronavirus pneumonia: (1) students in China whose visa or residence permits almost expire can have their stay period automatically extended by TWO MONTHS without going through normal extension procedures. (2) For those now outside China whose residence permits expired, you are suggested to contact your host institutes before coming back to China.

5. Others

  Please pay attention to the further notifications of UCAS and your host institute. Should there be any questions, please contact with International Students Office of UCAS or your host institutes. Most importantly, do protect yourself by reducing personnel mobility, washing hands frequently, and keeping regular daily life. Avoid close contact with patients with cough and fever. If there are such symptoms, seek medical advice in time and wear medical masks.

  Let’s work hard together to fight against the epidemic. We have not been defeated by suffering with natural and man-made disasters and we will surely win this time. No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come. The land we love is bound to wait until the day when spring blossoms. At that time, the university will embrace you, the beloved UCASers, with her most secure and vibrant pose.

International Students Office

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences