Danish Ambassador visits UCAS

  • Author/ WU Xuan Photo/ MENG Fanzi, QIN Yihong
  • Published: 2020-12-03
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On November 23rd, Thomas Østrup Møller, the Danish ambassador to China, and colleagues visited University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS). Prof. WU Yueliang met with the Danish delegation at the Zhongguancun Campus. Prof. HU Zhengyi, Director of the Sino-Danish Center (SDC) of UCAS, and Prof. ZHAO Hong, Dean of the Sino-Danish College (SDC) of UCAS, attended the meeting.


Prof. WU Yueliang met with Danish ambassador Thomas Møller


WU Yueliang welcomed Mr. Møller and reviewed the history of cooperation between UCAS and Denmark along with current education and research programs, and the challenges brought about this year by COVID-19. Prof. WU expressed his hope for continued cooperation between UCAS and Denmark through SDC.

Mr. Møller reviewed the key events since he took office, including the successful online celebration of the 70th Anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and Denmark. He expressed optimism regarding the opportunities brought by China's 14th Five-year Plan, and hoped to strengthen cooperation between China and Denmark on global climate change and other research areas. He said that UCAS is a very important partner for Denmark, and the unique SDC project is conducive to the cooperation and exchange of scientists and graduate students between China and Denmark.

XIE Yong, Director of International Affairs Office at UCAS, discussed the status of development and international cooperation at UCAS. HU Zhengyi gave a historical overview of the establishment and development of the center and the innovative achievements of school-enterprise cooperation, especially the cooperation with Huairou Science City. ZHAO Hong discussed education and training at the college, the cultivation of Chinese and Danish students, research achievements, and the employment situation of the students.

from left to right: XIE Yong, MENG Yalin, Henriette Kristensen, WU Yueliang, Thomas Møller, Mikkel Christensen, HU Zhengyi, ZHAO Hong


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The Sino-Danish Center is a partnership between all eight Danish universities, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

SDC’s activities include Chinese-Danish research collaboration within six selected focus areas, eight affiliated Master’s programs with an annual intake of approximately 150 master’s students, and training of a large number of PhD students. The overall objective is to promote and strengthen collaboration between China and Demark in education and increase the mobility of students and researchers.


Author: WU Xuan

Photo: MENG Fanzi, QIN Yihong

Editor: GAO Yuan