IC-UCAS holds a Chinese painting activity

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  • Published: 2021-11-25
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Recently, an activity of Chinese painting was hold by International College of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IC-UCAS) in Sino-Danish Center (SDC) building at the Yanqi Lake Campus. Professor NING Qiang, archaeologist, art historian, and famous painter, was invited to the activity to introduce culture and philosophy in Chinese painting to UCAS students. Professor SHI Zidong, Executive Deputy Director of Art Center of UCAS, and HU Zhengyi, Director of SDC of UCAS, attended the activity. CHEN Feng, General director of Dean’s office of international college, UCAS, hosted the activity.

△ CHEN Feng hosts the activity

△ NING Qiang introduces Chinese painting culture to the audience


Video: IC-UCAS

Photo: IC-UCAS

Editor: GAO Yuan