The First International Dragon Boat Race at Yanqi Lake Successfully Held

  • Published: 2023-06-22
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The First International Dragon Boat Race at Yanqi Lake, organized by the International College of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese-Foreign Civilization and Culture Exchange Center of International College in UCAS, kicked off on June 17, 2023, at 8 a.m. 17 teams from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), comprising both Chinese and foreign participants, gathered by the shores of Yanqi Lake to compete in the dragon boat race, showcasing the passion and charm of this traditional Chinese sport. The beautiful scenery of Yanqi Lake once again became the stage for cultural exchange between China and the world.

Dragon Boat

The dragon boat event consisted of two parts: the Dragon Boat Race and the Dragon Boat Festival Carnival. In the early morning, students entered the park. The Dragon Boat Festival Carnival, "Enjoying Zongzi from All Corners of China," featured activities such as archery, zongzi fishing, and knowledge quizzes. International students dressed in Hanfu (traditional Chinese clothing) participated in archery, while their fellow students from the School of Future Technology focused on catching zongzi. The harmonious coexistence of different cultures and eras created a lively and warm atmosphere for the Dragon Boat Festival celebration.

 International students dressed in Hanfu entered the scene


Shooting the Five Poisons

The participating teams took an oath on-site

HU Zhongbo delivered the opening speech

Professor HU Zhongbo, Executive Vice Dean of the International College, delivered the opening speech for the dragon boat race. He emphasized that the dragon boat race not only relies on collective cooperation and personal perseverance but also encompasses scientific ingenuity. IC-UCAS and the Chinese-Foreign Civilization and Culture Exchange Center of International College in UCAS have brought this traditional sport to Yanqi Lake, a place of great significance for China's international exchanges. It has been given a new mission to serve as a medium for cultural exchange, collision, and integration between China and the world. The 17 participating teams represent different cultures, backgrounds, and fields of knowledge. Their competition represents the intertwining of science, physical fitness, and diverse civilizations. This competition will serve as a bridge connecting Chinese and foreign civilizations, promoting students' comprehensive development and deepening their global perspectives. Also, this competition will embody the spirit of "cultivating the body while cultivating the mind." The head coach of the dragon boat team and representatives of Chinese and foreign students took the oath of participation. Vice President WU Yueliang (Member of CAS) and Executive Vice Dean HU Zhongbo jointly inaugurated the dragon boat race.

WU Yueliang and HU Zhongbo jointly inaugurated the dragon boat race


WU Yueliang announced that The First International Dragon Boat Race at Yanqi Lake began

After a relaxed and enjoyable warm-up training session, the competition proceeded to the preliminary races, divided into Group A and Group B. On the racecourse, where sweat, strength, and determination intertwined, the participants strove forward with vigor and the shouts of their teammates, resembling the beating of war drums. 8 teams emerged as the finalists.


The scene of the competition was filled with excitement and energy

The atmosphere in the finals became even more intense as the participants reviewed their performance, adjusted their strategies, and fought fiercely for victory. In the end, the teams "Fe2O3"from School of Chemical Engineering, "Champion of Paddling," from School of Cyber Security and "Exuding Excellence" from College of Advanced Agriculture Sciences secured the first, second, and third places respectively. "Fast Sailors 1" from International College and "龘龘龘龘" from School of Cyber Security achieved the fourth and fifth places.

Champions: Fe2O3 (School of Chemical Engineering)

Runner-up: “Champion of Paddling” (School of Cyber Security)

Third place: Exuding Excellence (College of Advanced Agriculture Sciences)

Soharb, an international student from the team "Fast Sailors 1," achieved a satisfactory fourth place. Taking part in the activity, he understands the Dragon Boat Festival, as well as the poet QU Yuan. GAN Zhaowang, a student from the champion team "Fe2O3," attributed their outstanding performance to previous training and teamwork. He mentioned that one of their teammates had previous experience as a main paddler in the university team, who shared their technical knowledge and conducted demonstrations using chairs and shovels in the classroom. The team's unity and mutual encouragement played a significant role as well. He proudly said, "We encouraged each other even when we were exhausted in the finals, and we believed we could be champions. In the end, we truly became champions!"

International student team: Fast Sailors

The Dragon Lake Dragon Boat Race, held as part of the Dragon Boat Festival Carnival, showcased the brilliance of the students from UCAS. Although the competition of this year has ended, the friendship and spirit will endure. Whether immersed in the lively and joyous atmosphere of the carnival or engaged in the thrilling dragon boat race, every participant experienced the profoundness and vitality of Chinese civilization. This event not only presented a spectacular competition but also created a special memory of the Dragon Boat Festival. It provided an opportunity to understand and experience traditional Chinese culture and deepened the understanding of international exchanges. It was a practical demonstration of teamwork and the spirit of perseverance.



Author: IC-UCAS

Photo: IC-UCAS