UCAS international students won the third place in the 2024 Yuanmingyuan Dragon Boat Festival cultural activity

  • 李欢
  • Published: 2024-06-14
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On June 10, the 2024 Yuanmingyuan Dragon Boat Festival Cultural activity, organized by Beijing Haidian District Culture and Tourism Bureau, Beijing Haidian District Yuanmingyuan Management Office, co-organized by Beijing Institute of Higher Education Foreign Students Work Research Branch, Beijing University Sports Association and Minzu University of China,  and presented by Beijing Zhongti Innovation International Cultural Exchange Center, was successfully held in the Jiuzhou Rearlake Scenic spot of Yuanmingyuan. The international student team of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) participated in this competition and won the third place and the Best Organization award of the Dragon Boat Race.


Group photo of the UCAS international student team

 Before the show began, performers dressed in national costumes performed a wonderful “Lotus Dragon” water performance. Afterwards, the guests on the spot jointly made the dragon boat’s eyes. After the finishing ceremony, the “Jiuzhou Boat Race” was officially started. The competition was carried out in the form of 3,000-meter race around the mark. A total of dragon boat teams from nine universities participated. Each team was named after the nine islands in the Old Summer Palace, symbolizing the unity of China. The participating teams included Beijing Sport University, China University of Geosciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Yuanmingyuan, Minzu University of China (international student), Capital Medical University (international student), University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (international student) and Beijing University of Chemical Technology (international student). Dragon boat crews from these universities cut through the waves on the lake and push forward with paddles, showing their spirit of unity. In this wonderful competition, the UCAS international student team showed excellent strength and won the third place in the end.


The UCAS international student team

The UCAS international student team consists of PhD students from Denmark, Ukraine, South Korea, Pakistan, Ghana, Rwanda, Nepal, Thailand and Bangladesh. They bring their passion and culture from different countries into the team, showing the spirit of unity, cooperation and hard work. In the official competition, UCAS students competed fiercely with other teams. They gave full play to their teamwork and coordination skills, paddling hard on the track and pushing the dragon boats forward quickly and powerfully. They work closely together and have a tacit understanding, each of them giving their best and showing remarkable team spirit. The multinational dragon boat team showed their tenacious fighting spirit and excellent skills in the competition, and it is also expected that they can promote international friendship and cultural exchanges with a more positive attitude outside the competition.


Group photo of the UCAS international student team